Nutribiomed Cluster is creating new brand of products (food and dietary supplements) with unique pro health properties. Most of the products will be made on the Innovative Technology line which is based in Wroclaw Technology Park built partly by European Union founds from the Operational Programme: Innovative Economy (5.1).

Soon products under the conjoined label of the Nutribiomed Cluster will be available on market, e. g.:

  • Noodle - enriched by polyunsaturated fatty acids Ω-3, Ω-6 which has positive influence on human health
  • Eggs - with higher concentartion of polyunsaturated fatty acids Ω-3, Ω-6 which are obtained through a special poultry farming and natural fodder
  • Lecithin - obtained from chicken eggs
  • β – glukan - high purity (obtained from oat)
  • Oat's proteins
  • Oat's bran
  • Ovocalcium plus - modern, nutural dietary supplement obtained from eggshells helpful in prevention and fighting Osteoporosis. 

All necessary information about availability of the products will be posted during future page updates.